Hello! My name is Mathias Gran.

On the interwebs, i go by the name EUCGUY. Over the years i have learned a lot of different skills, and i try my best to bring most of them together in order to bring my ideas to life.

You can find me on all the plattforms by typing (EUCGUY) into google, dont forget the ().

For the last few years, i have been heavily into electronics, and while doing this i have also designed a handful of systems for both myself, and a few in the EUC community.

I currently spend most of my time PCB designing, testing of the parts and systems i have, as well as coding. I work very hard in order to get my most ambitious project this far to life, and hope to share it with you all once done.

I have to this day learned a lot in the following fields, and is still learning every day.

3D modeling, 3D printing, Laser cutting, Systems design, PCB designing, Coding, Electrical components understanding 

and lots more..

I'm Located in Oslo city - Norway

I know i have promised new round of Powerpads, mudflaps and more, but i will not do so at this time.

When i get my latest system up and running, ill know more..

Do follow me on Instagram for almost daily updates on my project.

If you want to update your already bought controller to the latest firmware, please go here. I will update with more later on

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