When i first got my Gotway Monster euc, i had a plan for custom electronics that i wanted to put together, but i was lacking in both experience and knowledge, so i spent almost every day for a about 1 year to get it working right. This was both expensive and hard to do, a lot of new things to learn, but i got it working and that's the basis for what i know now. 

On this journey i had to both understand how such a system would be put together, what the different electrical components would need to be, how to wire them up, how to design PCBs, how to route the wires and where components should be placed, how this affected the final functionality, floating signal wires, coding, wiring and so on. .    A lot of small, but important lessons to get it all working right. 

Along the way of designing this, i have many times thought about selling it to those interested, but along the way of finishing up, i end up with a new product that made the old ones feel obsolete, so i just kept on moving forward. 

The products i do sell however, are simply the result of my progress in this field. 

so to those interested in ordering something, it helps both fund my progress as i experiment, but it also results in a quicker growth for me because the external feedback gives me new pointers and ways of looking at it from.

My vision going forward is clear, i'm in no rush, i got all the time in the world.

I'm still a beginner as best, but as long as i see some success in the things i do, i will keep on trucking.

If you want to see what i'm upto, just head over to my instagram page, that's where it happens.

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