Added. 19.11.2020

Latest design. its now 99% finished. What i now need to do it figure out the best way to update my printers for fast production with flexible material

Added. 18.10.2020

Building upon the powerpads, now i have updated the look on the front of the pad, as well as worked on the padding area. Its not ready yet, im experimenting with the right amount of internal structure to get the right amount of give in the pad itself.  The pad is made from TPU material. Very durable and medium hard material. Its flexible, but also hardens up very quickly when enough layers are stacked on top of each other.

Added. 11.10.2020

Here is the Version 4 of the Monster Mudflap clamp design. Compared to what i have tried before, this is much stronger and clamps harder. I have tested the clamp at its most stressed state, at freezing temperatures. i have also tested the flap, doing lots of bending while it was below 0 degrees c. Holds up fine.  

The flap does not break, still bendable as normal, just stiffer.
Last thing to test now will be on/off installation, to see if it stays solid or weakens over time.​


Added. 4.10.2020

Now that I have the Settings tuned for the TPU material, i am producing a limited run of these experimental pads for the community to test; designed for the pro-riders in mind.


My philosophy on design is to always compliment the wheel without limiting its functionality. While the "locked in" offerings produced by others might provide an instant response from the wheel, it also hinders the advanced riders’ movements and makes for a less relaxed / enjoyable ride.


​My pads will not restrict you. Please stand by as I continue to develop and refine the product.

Added. 27.9.2020

A Mudflap in medium stiff rubber, as well as a bracket that can be easily adjusted for different wheels.

1st is Gotway Monster.
Then Sherman

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