Standalone Front panel module

Fully automated, elegant & minimal. A must have upgrade for any GW Monster rider.

Stay highly visible, while also not blinding others, this module is the future taking a hold of the
old design and bringing it forward to the present. Not only does it adjust the leds in front, it also supports extra lights, want some rear strips also? just add it, this module supports upto
100 leds extra.

Power it from the internal 5 volt output
Max draw is 1.5 amps. adjusts according to the number of leds connected



Micro Controller. gw msx's

Compact and powerful, this tiny controller offer a lot of modes to choose from, as well as supporting all Msuper msx wheels that are out there.

Selected your favorite from the list i have crafted myself, only the best looking modes included.
Once you find the mode you like the best, the controller will set it as default.


Controlled through a touch sensor. Place this behind the sidepanel at the front corner.

single press - next mode
double press - top of list
hold - MSX wheels supported



Whats taking so long?..

Im in the talks with a local in Norway that is helping me test the firmware, but the 1st module he got was damaged while trying to update it, and the next one i sent was damaged in shipping..
on top of that there was vacation and such..  

please be patient :)