Do you ship to my location?

I ship worldwide, but for some reason, China and Hongkong have issues, here you need to pay extra for tracking. around 35 usd

Can you make custom addons?

yes. sure

When do you usually ship out products?

Every Friday after work. This gives me time to make every order ready and send all at once

Where are you located ?

Im located in Norway. Oslo city.

Can you send me the STL or 3d file for one of your models? i'll pay

If i still use them, then no, but i have shared many files on my Thingiverse page.
Just search for " EUCGUY"

Can you engrave my Name on the Powerpads i order?

Yes i can, no problem.
Include a note with your order where you say what you want.
Dont forget to specify where on the pad it should be, how big and if only on one or both.

You could also use the Template i provide under the product & sketch on top of that.