Includes a processor, light sensor, noise filtering & powerful rgb chips. 

Designed specifically for the Gotway Monster v1-v2-v3, wheels. 

Automatic dimming ensures that you stay visible, but also not blinding to others.

Road safety upgrade.

8 Powerful white lights in the front & 22 Red lights for the rear.

Aesthetically pleasing, like a new wheel once again.

Strong and bright rear lights. 

Strips are mounted internally, alongside the battery packs.

Powerful, but pleasant to look at.

As the beams of rays shine through, they combine with the plastic around to create this warm and friendly glow.

People notice & they smile.

Does not require a bulky controller to operate, everything is on the module itself.

Just push it into place, it sists secured when the case is close.

Two cables for power, and 3 cables for the rear lights,
It could not have been easier.