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Updated: Apr 17, 2019

When the other projects are up and running, that being the electronics and stronger shell for the Monster, The loved POWERPADS design will be made for this wheel as well. The gotway Monster is a very heavy wheel, this means the design might look a bit different, the pads will be more square and larger. More updates once that is being worked on

5.1.2019 Had a look at the sidepanel without the sidepad, theres an indent here as well, this makes my job much easier when modeling the powerpads.

17.1.2019: Started working on the Monster powerpads, Took photos from all angles for a scaled model. Asking facebook group and close friends for imput.

First sketch.

Angled leg as if leaning hard forward

Same angle as front. 53.2 degrees. same as my leg
Working on the rear as well. important that is looks as good

Thinking 5mm plate before the ramp. 15mm total with foam
Same as above photo, but now with my leg to show why this angle is used

Modeled it, as well as the pad on top

Naked model

Builds 35mm with foam at front. else is 15mm
Builds 35mm with foam at front. else is 15mm

18.1.2019 First model printed and tested without foam. Perfect print-quality, but perhaps a bit sharp at the front. im also not a huge fan of the sudden "stop", will design it differently at front. Heres the photos of it.

Just taken off the printbed

Indent at the back designed almost perfectly. fits right in

Angle looks good, but sharp and without an "ending" to it

From top. remember, 10mm foam on top

Next change, bevel at front to leave the "ramp" somewhere that looks good on the eye. Also rounding the front as much as possible. this is too pointy and sharp.

19.1.2019 Worked on the design a bit more. more stylish and clean overall.

New front.

Backside. new look.

Also rounded the top to match the sidepanels form. see arrows

New design for backplate. clicks into place with glue

cutout in plate, mirrored on backplate.

bevel on edges for easy install. tight once all the way in. snug it

A better look at the front

Curve moved back by 8mm. better contact now

Changes done makes it possible to print laying flat. important for strength and new features i plan on adding to it. Because the backside must extrude a bit into the indent in the sidepanel. this piece will be printed seperate and clicked into place, as well as glued. As of right now the "lock" is simple, but i want to make it into a lever type.

25.1.2019 Designed a new front for the powerpads. Photos added.

Front. Details on top and front. makes it look mean and sharp

Red, backplate snaps into place.

And as both my printers work perfectly now. i was able to print this during the night. here's the prints.

Backplate fits perfectly into shell, but not into plate, easy fix

Pad from side. Very clean

Update 29.1.2019. Already printed a test to see, cut foam and mounted that as well to get the feel for it as a finished product. Very light and solid, clean edges, and if i sand it round, it will be perfect. Lasercutter not huge enought to cut entire pad, have to cut by hand. doable with a sharp knife, and sanding hides the crimes.

Sideview. with this grill it looks more "mean"

Ordered 5v Wirelss charging coils to perhaps install in my set for headlights. With wireless, there's no need to drill holes for cables. I havent thought about how to do this yet, but i know its doable. Should be "easy".

More room as overhang building was a problem

After testing i decided on making it looser for a good fit. The backpanel that goes into the indent of the sidepanel. Right now, with the above specs it was too tight.

New grill, but also new lock for backplate

Backend sideplate. straight in and forward to lock into place

Hook from backplate.


A Render.

Left is Nackplate. Right is backside of sidepad.

This is the new lock im testing now. Push in, then slide into place.

Perhaps easier to see here.

Tonight and tomorrow after work, one set of pads will be printed and tested. if all goes well, they will be sent over to a friend for testing.

10.2.2019 Old design for backplate didnt work. Designed a new type and printed a small testpiece. Works. Now printing a full scale to test that. New features: - New backplate design - New backplate locks -New front. - Chamber at front for electronics.

Powerpad with backplate installed

Grill at front is press-fit. cover at back

Hollow chamber for electronics. lights

5.3.2019 One pair of monster powerpads are out for testing, but i will produce a 2nd pair now for my own sake. Same as last time with open chamber at front for future upgrades.


Last week and the weekend i have been riding the monster in order to test the pads, they needed to be pulled back by 2-3cm in order to preserve balance and not strain the feets while riding hard. I have also started to look more at headlights on new cars that are on the road and decided to copy that. Here is what i have designed. its 2cm further back at the front, and rounded with a headlight section that is to be printed in frosted PETG plastic, the details inside in Black PLA, light behind that to cast shadows and light it up.

Even tho the old design looks mean and changes the look of the wheel, i want to make the best that i can, something great and new. Imagine these pads, programmed with lights that turn on at night and glows in a slow and controlled pattern, it would make the wheel come alive and really compliment the new headlight and LED strips already installed.


Designed new eye and redesigned backplate lock, still have to test this.

New vs old design. as you can clearly see, the new keeps the same shape, but is more rounded and finished. Next is to print the plate first, then the eye, and lastly the backplate. . The new and old eye both fit, same droplet shape, just different internal shape.

2.4.2019 New powerpad design. printed a pair and installed on the wheel for testing,

Can also say that the mudflap works perfectly. no drops on me when riding in the rain.

4.3.2019 note: Learning to use them and notice the added help in hills or on flat roads, lean hard forward and stop at the ramp. It is still possible to lean past if one does not pay attention, but instead of redesigning again, ill give it more time to test. might be just perfect. very simular to the msx pads.

17.4.2019 after lots of testing, i have now designed the new powerpads that should solve my issues so far. Heres the photos, bigger headlights and the ramp is pulled back enough to not force the rider to ride on his toes.

Top is latest version.

Here's a render to show what i have in mind.

Clear headlight

As the headlight is its own part, im going to design a floodlight part that holds the powerful LED chip i used for the headlight also. One on each side, also some type of design around where a led strip is used to cast a glowing color of some sort during the day and evening. The floodlight is supposed to be programmed to automaticly turn on during complete darkness, but with a sensor in front that turns it off again when oncoming light is present,.

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