Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Designed this that slips over the glued sidepad to cover the seam as well as hold the pad inplace.

When mounted it will look like this. Clean and elegant. The slip-on ring is taped to compress the foam 0.5mm and it builds up 4mm in heigh. More photos when this is printed and tested.

They will ofc fit all "already sold" powerpads, i could list them for cheap. for those interested in buying. Perhaps i will make them in PETG material as this is flexible and shiny.

These will now be put into production and default for all buyers going forward. The few orders i had waiting was upgraded for free.

3.2.2019 These have now been in production for 1 week. Put on hold, but now up again. Even though i used plastic from the same company, the color "black" shrunk a bit more than the red one. Sold a few pairs, but might have to make new rings that are bigger if it turns out that they bend out too much and looses contact with the wheel over time. This is the main reason for not offering that color option now. Color red is perfect.

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