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Updating. heres the info: Between Monday/friday, you can order Powerpads. Its made for the GW MSX, but also fit others, use the new provided template to test on yours. Its printable and to scale. Stand alone Front panel Module will be put online by the end of this weekend. For those of us who still ride the GW Monster wheels, this is a good upgrade i must say. The MSX micro controller is still in testing phase, the reason for the delay is issues during updating on the other end and broken during shipping. The last bit that needs testing is to see if the updated list of features are scaled correctly for the MSX pro wheels.

I have also added a new section called Developing. Im sharing the things that are closest to being ready here. Other than that, i have redesigned the Powerpads design, that the laser adds. Im also updating the 3d Printer profiles to adjust for the winter temps. As im doing this in the basement, they are more exposed to such things. My main goal is to keep the surface finish as high as possible, while also making sure that the bonding between the layers are as strong as they can be. so, a few things have been done here, also lots of tweaks, bug fixes and updates to the store overall. That was all - Mathias

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