Gotway Monster. Bright panel upgrade
  • Gotway Monster. Bright panel upgrade

    You can also order it with some custom changes, just message me after/before ordering.

    x Knight rider theme
    x Always at full brightness
    x Rainbow mode
    x Custom color
    x Some other request.


    Full instructions manual


    Guide to prepare the wheel



    I offer 2 different options.

    - Panel Module + Power Cable. (Plug&Play)

    - Panel Module + everything else. (Plug&Play)


    Will it fit my wheel?

    As long as your wheel is the Gotway Monster, with a single headlight at the front, this will fit.


    How to install?

    The same way of changing a flat tire. Split the shelf in half.

    Is it waterproof?

    No, so if you are installing it on the Monster V3, with the small holes in the front plastic where this module sits behind, be careful to not ride in heavy rain, or at least cover the front holes with clear tape. “Can be done from the inside”


    How does it work / What does it do?

    This module is programmed to operate Automatically.

    The front row of highly powerful leds, will be adjusted to be the most visible when the sun is out,

    and dim down as it gets darker outside.

    “Always visible to others”


    What more does it do?

    It also supports upto 100 extra leds,

    these will always be in RED, and the main usage for these is to be visible from the rear.

    "Suggested area for installation is at the rear of the batteries, as seen in the photos above"


    Startup animations

    By simply applying a bridge across two solder pads " with solder", you can change between different animations that will run each time the wheel is booted up.

    " You can only have one activated at once"


    What voltage does it run at?

    This module can support a MAX of 5.5 volts.

    It's intended source of power is the internal USB connector port.


    These prices include Shipping

    It can take between 2 - 5 weeks to get your order

    Extra info:
    By removing the front plastic cover, this module will run at 100% at all times.
    Your safety goes way up with this installed.