• Gotway Monster Powerpads

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    Improved Strength!

    The best looking & most useful pads you can get. Powerpads by EUCGUY.


    Multiple functions-
    * Grip for climbing the steepest of hills. 

    * Accelerating forward or in tight turns.

    * Safety.


    More detailed information-
    A big and powerful wheel such as the Gotway Monster, will no be able to output its torque when grip is limited between the rider and sidepads. With only the stock pads installed, the rider has to use more energy to grip the wheel for acceleration and hill-climbing. They are also too narrow and do not support the rider enought.


    The powerpads are 15mm wide when installed, 10mm of dence eva foam & 5mm of hard plastic base.

    This width was carefully tested under all situations as to not limit the rider. 
    Hard, but comfortable, the eva foam forms itself around the riders legs and ensures the best grip possible, so good in fact that riding in shorts under heavy usage will rip the hairs away where they make contact.
    You can lean these pads carefully agains the wall, or hard towards a sharp edge, they will regain their shape within one hour. 


    The Powerpads are made to replace your stock pads and operate as long as the wheel is ridable. Very long lasting.

    Safety: As the pads are designed with a ramp in the front, they can be the difference between a crash or an  exhilarating experience. 


    Whats included?
    x1 pair Powerpads

    How do i install them?
    1) Remove the stock pads and all glue left. 
    2) Make sure the indent of the sidepanels are both dry and clean from any particles.

    3) Do a test fit of the Powerpads before you remove the protective tape on the 3M.

        They should be alight in the "top front corner" of the sidepanel indent.
    4) Remove protective tape, align carefully and press into place.

    5) Last step: With both pads installed, apply as much pressure as you can from both sides of the wheel, compressing both pads against the sidepanels at once. do this in the middle and rear of the pads. Apply pressure for a minimum of 5 seconds.


    6) You can now use the powerpads. Enjoy!