• Gotway Monster | Mudflap

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    Hard plastic Mudguard. 

    Very tight clamp, the outer sides have arms that lock it into place.
    Different than before is that it now tightens down if you drag it down at the end,or if you ride over bumps.


    This will obviously not survive a crash or abuse, but as a clip on Mudguard to keep your back dry, yes. it will work very well.  I suggest this for those who usually dont harm their wheels, and who ride normally. I also suggest to keep this mounted to the wheel at all times. Im not sure how many times this handles On & Off,
    What i do know is that once its installed, it will not fall off, and that it keeps you dry.

    I have used this personally for the last few weeks without any issues, same with close friends. Seems to work as it should.

    It's longer than what i have sold before.


    Material is PLA, it should'nt be exposed to high heat. Above 40 degrees Celsius, it will start to soften, so dont leave it in the hot baking sun.

    The surface is run over with steel-wool and then some liquid rubber. 

    I will make more soon as possible, need to buy more material and finetune the machines in order to pump them out.  


    This price includes the Mudflap and shipping.



    In these times, items can be delayed heavily, these products are sent without tracking, just like items from ebay, i will not cover any losses during transit. 

    Its very important that you have the correct details when you order, if you make it any harder than it should be,.

    Its up to you if you can wait the time or not.
    These items are Shipped from Norway.


    More items to be added later.
    If you wish to add tracking, that will run you another 29 USD. 


    Detailed installation video to be added soon. 

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