• LED Controller 2.0 / Gotway MSX

    These are sold bare bone, please see the "included" section below. 

    x1 Led controller, with latest firmware installed.
    x1 Touch sensor.

    No cables included. you should have some soldering experience as well as basic hobby electronics before putting together. you are required to buy the cables and connectors. If done so at the same time, it should arrive around the same time as with the controller.
    If you can solder, this is a solid option, cheap and very functional.

    Parts list needed to be able to connect and use this controller.

    Cables with connector: JST XH2.54mm   <-- Press for link
    Cable   <-- Press for link
    Touch sensor   <-- Press for link

    Info about Touch sensor. if unsure about the markings on the soldering pads,
    Vcc = 5v  /  I/O = Signal  /  GND = Ground

    Powering the controller

    Locate the LED cable on the Gotway PCB, carefully remove and plug into the LED controller.
    Connect a cable between plug "A" and the now emty "LED" port on the Gotway PCB.

    This controller includes a buildt in filter to deal with all the noise from the motor, this ensures that the leds are stable under heavy loads.

    To be 100% sure that you dont do anything wrong, please follow the diagram above exactly!
    Make the power cable first, connect it and boot the Wheel up. Just to verify. let it be for 5 min, if all as it should be. make the cable for the Touch sensor.

    Ps: By touching the "Temperature sensor" pins by accident, it can trigger the alarm to wake up, simply reboot the LED controller. Not an issue when not touched. 

    Selling 5 to begin with. if they go fast, i will add the rest shortly after. as of right now, i have a total of 19 Controllers.

    Price includes shipping. Sent without tracking. Could take 1-4 weeks.
    Very important that your infor when ordering is correct, for it to not get lost :)

    For more info or help. Email me a electricuc@gmail.com