EUCGUY: Powerpads (2020) edition
  • EUCGUY: Powerpads (2020) edition

    Currently not making

    Slowly adapting my printers and design to make production easier.
    With my limited time and all, this is so i can still make pads for everyone.


    Total orders per week: 4
    Sold out? come back on Monday

    (Designed for the MSX line of wheels, but also fits others)

    Does it also fit my non MSX wheel?
    ( Click ME, to download a printable template, use this to measure with)


    As the very first to offer Powerpads for the Gotway msx, I have over a long time learned how they should be designed to both function optimally and be comfortable on the legs.

    These 2020 edition Powerpads are the latest and greatest i have to offer,

    They are designed to stand out from everything else on the market, with a sleek design that does not in any way hinder the functionality.  One shouldnt feel limited in their mobility as a compromise to get a good grip, the padding should only be placed where it's most useful, and not be needed elsewhere.

    With my pads, you get the optimal amount of grip when you need it, as well as the option to easily glide past when you feel like it. They do not make a bulky mess out of your favorite powerhouse, but instead they compliment it!

    Quality padding should both be firm and durable, that's why I use high quality EVA foam with just the right amount of give. They slowly adapt to the shape of your leg while in use, but left alone over time and they will change back to how you found them. With leg-protection or not, good luck wearing these out! 

    Adaptation period with day to day riding is around 1 week.
    Recommended type of riding to get a feel for them quickly, hard leaning on bumpy roads, preferably offroad.

    The foam is 12mm thick.
    The bases are 5mm before the ramp starts.
    They come with strong 3M double sided tape.

    Do you want to edit the grills and make them more custom?
    Please click ME, download the provided files and edit away.
    I offer both STL, STP and the raw fusion 360 file


    Installation time is as quick as can be.



    No tracking to offer, they are sent as normal mail.
    Estimates of the timeframe to the USA is 10-30 days.
    Elsewhere 10-15 days.
    Global estimate is max 1 month, but it can change.

    Ordering window to have it shipped by the end of each week is
    Monday - Thursday evening
    If you order on Friday, your order will be delayed by 1 week.

    If you want to pay for tracking, that's another 35USD on top.
    I do not refund if its lost during shipping, but if the package is damaged
    on arrival, I will.


    What you get in the box
    x1 Set of Powerpads. Right & left side, with strong 3M tape for quick install
    BASE = White/Light Gray
    GRILL = Black


    Includes material, work and shipping

      $70,00 Regular Price
      $58,80Sale Price