• Gotway Msx Powerpads

    Soon back in stock


    The day of shipping is Friday.


    If colors are not in stock, you can always order with something else and have new rings fitted later.
    They are swappable :)


    Designed for Gotway Msuper x
    All voltages 84/100


    Be unique out in the groups with custom colored Powerpads!

    Many colors to choose from, easy to swap out at any time.


    More colors to be added as time goes on.


    Premium colors: Highly opaque, very unique finish. 
    Same price, but much better result.




    Remove old pads, clean areas to perfection.
    Do a test without removing the 3m protective tape.
    Once you got the hang of it, remove 3m protective tape and install.
    When both pads installed on the wheel, compress all areas of the pad a minimum of 5 seconds.


    Usage,cleaning and wear

    The Powerpads are designed to handle water, can be cleaned.
    Minimal amount of wear during use.



    Powerpads by EUCGUY

    A combination of machine & human effort goes into each set.